~A Villa on a peninsula in the Seto Inland Sea~

The key word in the story of Taro Urashima is TIME.
As the tale goes, Taro rescues a turtle and goes to a Dragon Palace where he forgets about time and has fun.
By the time he returns, years have passed. Taro is left behind by society.
After retuning to a place where he has been forgotten, he decides to open a forbidden jade box given to him by the princess of the Dragon Palace and instantly becomes an old man.

Our society is undergoing major changes due to various uncertainty.
Now more than ever people are pushed around by TIME. Less and less time remains for ourselves.
Social concerns about time may change, but the time kept by nature and the earth are eternal.
Nature and the earth have always been fluctuating in a constant rhythm.


URASHIMA VILLAGE is the location of Urashima Taro's selfless deed
URASHIMA VILLAGE is where the Urashima Shrine stands solemnly on the uninhabited Maruyama Island.
On Maruyama Island
Maruyama Island is uninhabited and can only be reached by a sandy path that appears from the bottom of the sea twice-a-day at low tide.
The path on the sea floor appears not according to the rigid calendar of modern society, but according to the natural time of the sea.