A space for large groups to enjoy and forget about time

Of the three buildings, the Time Building has the largest number of guests.
The veranda near the ocean is the largest among the three buildings, making it perfect for a large family with small children.
The living room on the second floor is a large Japanese-style room, so even small children can play without worry.
The living room on the second floor is a large Japanese-style room, so small children can play safely.
In the evening, adults can enjoy a drink in the dining room on the first floor, while children can enjoy a movie on the second floor.

All the buildings have a common view bath with a view of the ocean.
You can relax and unwind at any time of the day, whether it's in the morning or in the quiet of the night.
You can also use the connecting door to the other sound building.
It is also ideal for relatives and friends.

Two bedrooms with extra sofa beds and a Japanese-style room can accommodate up to 11 people.

Floor Plan


Check-in time is from 3pm to 6pm. Our concierge will be happy to meet you.
The concierge will provide you with information about the hotel and beach, help you use the kitchen and other facilities, and serve you meals and drinks to support your stay.
The concierge is not available after 6:00 p.m., including check-out time. Check-out time is 11:00. Please take your time and enjoy your stay.

Living / Dining

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    Platter x 4
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    Large and small square plates
    Bowl, Bowl x 11 each
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    (Knife, Fork, Spoon, Chopsticks)
    ×11 sets each
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    Flute champagne glass
    wine glass
    glass tumbler
    Mug x 11 each

Cooking utensils

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    Deep one-handed pot (3.4L)
    frying pan
    STAUB shallow type (28cm)
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    Glass bowl large and small
    Bowl Large and Small
    Colander Large and Small x 1 each
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    Kitchen knife large and small
    kitchen scissors
    Cutting board large and small
    Peeler x 1 each
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    Vegetable chopsticks
    tongs large and small
    cooking spoon
    ladle x 1 each
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    Rice cooker (5 cups)
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    Microwave oven
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    Balmuda Toaster
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    Electronic Kettle


Kitchen scale (1 liter), induction stove, dish towel, kitchen cloth, sponge, dishwashing detergent

※We do not provide any seasonings or other ingredients. Please buy them at the lounge building or prepare them by yourself.


Feel the rhythm of nature
The best sleep time

One of the pleasures of URASHIMA VILLAGE, where time is of the essence, is sleep.
There are rooms where you can feel the sound of the waves, rooms where you can feel the light, and rooms where you can close everything off and forget about time.
The mattresses in all the buildings are Nishikawa's AIR mattresses, which are used in the first class of major airlines.
From sheets with the highest quality texture to futon covers and down comforters, we have received cooperation from a long-established company with a 400-year history.
With the cooperation of a 400-year-old company that has been in business for over 400 years, we have prepared a supreme sleeping experience for you at URASHIMA VILLAGE.

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