Project Background

Revitalizing the local community with our own power

Mitoyo City in Kagawa Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea, is a quiet town with a population of about 60,000 and until a few years ago did not attract many tourists.
Then, about 4 to 5 years ago, "Chichibugahama Beach" became famous for its fantastic photos on Instagram, attracting about 500,000 tourists a year not only from Japan but from all over the world.
However, the reality is that many tourists only visit Chichibu for a day trip due to the underdevelopment of lodging businesses such as large-scale lodging facilities and hot spring inns, and the time spent and the amount of money spent are small, and as a regional city, it has not been able to utilize the tourist traffic for the economic development of the city.
In order to escape from such a difficult situation, local companies invested in each other to open "URASHIMA VILLAGE," an inn with a spectacular view for rent.


Composed of local members with diverse expertise

Setouchi Village Corporation, which operates "URASHIMA VILLAGE," is comprised mainly of local companies that love the Seto Inland Sea peninsula.
The 11 companies come from a variety of backgrounds, including companies that have been in business for 100 years and companies that have jumped into the region and started new businesses. The members have expertise in various fields, including local supermarkets,furniture manufacturers, construction companies, bus companies, car rental companies, natural energy, lodging companies, and community developiment companies.
The goal of this project is to create higher quality services in the lodging industry, which is difficult for any one company to do on its own, by utilizing the expertise of each of these companies, while also aiming to turn the local economy around on its own.

Our desire is to run our own business without relying on outside investment or the attraction of brand-name hotels.